The Paso del Norte Community Foundation seeks to improve quality of life on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.  As such, donors can give to the Paso del Norte Community Foundation with gifts designated to nonprofit organizations or charitable causes in Ciudad Juárez.

Donors can also give to the Paso del Norte Community Foundation to support the Fundación Paso del Norte para la Salud y Bienestar (Fundación), a Mexican Asociacion Civil established in 2015 to inspire and grow philanthropic giving and advance partnerships and initiatives to improve the health and well-being in Ciudad Juárez.

Led by an 11-member volunteer Board of Directors, the Fundación has invested over $1 million in nonprofits in Ciudad Juárez in partnership with generous donors including the Hunt Family Foundation and FC Juárez Bravos.

Strategic Goals 

  1. Increase the organizational capacity of health and wellness programs in Ciudad Juárez.  
  2. Develop life skills in children and youth of Ciudad Juárez 
  3. Improve the emotional wellness of people living in Ciudad Juárez 
  4. Promote a culture of healthy living among the community of Ciudad Juárez 

Programs and Accomplishments 

Reto Por La Salud (Challenge Fund for Health) 

We invited nonprofit organizations in Ciudad Juárez to participate in our matching funds program to support their fundraising strategies and invest in their social initiatives. Six different organizations participated and we granted a matching gift of more than $12,000 to each organization that met its fundraising goal.  

Alianza Contra La Violencia (Partnership to Prevent Violence) 

In 2016, the Fundacion established a partnership with the Trust for Competitiveness and Citizen Security (FICOSEC) to launch a joint Request for Proposals for projects addressing family and juvenile violence in the southeastern part of Ciudad Juárez. 

Juárez En Accion 

This initiative aims to promote a culture of community action and social values using play and sports as tools to reach children, youth, teachers and families in Ciudad Juárez. There are three main strategies: Schools in Action, Community in Action, and Action Weekend. The professional soccer team FC Juárez Bravos is the official ambassador of this program.