Strive Now Gala: Bridge to Purpose

May 6 , 2023
7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

Strive Now, a non-profit performance mentorship program, announced that they will be hosting a Gala: Bridge to Purpose on May 6th, in east El Paso, to showcase their cause, and what they have accomplished in their first year within the El Paso community.

They have invited several engineering teams across the city to compete in a bridge-building competition. At the gala, they will face off to test the limits of their bridges. Each team has been given a strict set of guidelines and materials, which will be put to the test live for everyone to see. The winning bridge will be auctioned along with other items that night in order to raise funds for our students. This gala is not about raising funds but also about bridging our community together in the name of purpose and the El Paso legacy.

Strive Now seeks to empower high school and college students from the El Paso metropolitan community to seek out daily purpose through mentorship, inspiring events in intentional environments, scholarships to pursue higher education, the utility of failure as a positive, and to illuminate purpose through passion via community engagement. 

Why is Strive Now vital to the community?

“We are passionate about helping our El Paso youth understand that purpose is not found in career titles or in the expectations of others, but rather by taking on each day with deliberate action and with a passion to be a working part of something bigger than oneself. Hence, purpose can be found in many ways and moreover, purpose should be found every day.” Executive Director, Israel Castro, explains.

 It is certainly true that our youth will one day become the future of El Paso. Therefore, Strive Now is making this its sole mission: to help and shape our youth toward finding purpose in their everyday lives, establishing resiliency, and authentic passions. Different organizations provide what to study and how to succeed but Strive Now provides the why. 

If you would like more information on this event, any future event, or if you’re interested in volunteering for Strive Now, please check their website at or by following their Instagram, @epstrivenow.