A Fund of

Richard and Corina Aguilar and their family, Ricky and Renee and Abe and Emily, are on a mission to improve the quality and circumstances of life for present and future generations of El Pasoans. 

The Aguilars are partners in Montecillo smart urban living community in west El Paso and own other properties in the region, and Ricky and Abe own the Hotel Paso del Norte. They recognize the importance of health care to our region as both an economic driver and a key component to our region’s quality of life and have directed the majority of their philanthropic giving to health care infrastructure and delivery. In 2021, they established the Aguilar Family Foundation within the Paso del Norte Community Foundation to streamline their philanthropic contributions and to be more strategic about their giving priorities.

“We have been very fortunate with our investments, and we wish to invest in El Paso’s needs and be a blessing to our community. Establishing our family foundation within the Paso del Norte Community Foundation has solidified our commitment to give back and has helped us be more strategic in aligning our giving to the causes that mean the most to us as a family." -Richard Aguilar. 


Tangible personal property. Examples may be real estate, oil, gas, or mineral interests.

Planned Gifts

Bequests, appreciated securities, life insurance, retirement plans, and charitable remainder trusts, and more.


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