To join the Fox Family Foundation in their support of special needs children in Anapra, please consider a gift to their fund to benefit Proyecto Santo Nino. 


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 After many years of being philanthropic, the Fox Family – Steve and Nancy and their daughters Paige and Ashley – to be more strategic, effective, and efficient with their giving, established the Fox Family Foundation within the Paso del Norte Community Foundation.

 The Fox Family is incredibly grateful to live in a country of opportunity.  Steve came from humble beginnings.  His parents had less than a high school education, but they instilled in Steve and his brother that through hard work, they could make something of themselves.  His brother became a Brigadier General in the Army and Steve grew a very successful car dealership. 

An important value of the Fox Family is helping others.  Steve and Nancy prioritized taking Paige and Ashley to Juarez so they would appreciate that our neighbors struggle and recognize the responsibility to help those less fortunate.  Thirty years ago, Steve met Sister Susie, who helped Steve better understand the needs in Juarez.  That led to Steve meeting Sister Janet, a Sister of Charity who introduced him to the work she and her colleagues were doing in the Colonia of Anapra in Juarez and she inspired him to support their life-changing work. 

Since 2003, the Sisters of Charity have crossed the border from El Paso three times a week to provide services at Proyecto Santo Nino to children with special needs.  What began as a clinic to provide support to mothers of special needs children, Proyecto Santo Nino has grown to include other services such as massage therapy, special education instruction, and physical and speech therapy. 

The Fox Family feels abundantly blessed to live in the El Paso community, which has enabled them to prosper beyond their wildest dreams.  Their hearts have been called to support Proyecto Santo Nino in many meaningful ways and most recently, through the Fox Family Foundation and with matching funds from Fundacion Paso del Norte Para La Salud y Bienstar in Juarez, they donated a handicapped accessible van to ensure that special need children and their parents have safe, reliable transportation to and from Proyecto Santo Nino.   

 Proyecto Santo Nino holds a special place in the hearts of the Fox Family, but the Fox Family is also passionate about El Paso’s health community and access to high quality healthcare that can be accessed locally.  A past board member of both the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation and Paso del Norte Health Foundation and a current member of the Executive Committee of the M.D. Anderson Board of Visitors, Steve is already dreaming up ways to make a difference in cancer research and treatment through philanthropy. 

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