The One Sky fund was established to facilitate outdoor adventures, mentorship, personal and professional development for young adults from urban, rural, and tribal areas to empower them to become more resilient and build their communities.


Tangible personal property. Examples may be real estate, oil, gas, or mineral interests.

Planned Gifts

Bequests, appreciated securities, life insurance, retirement plans, and charitable remainder trusts, and more.


Mission: One Sky connects individuals with people, places, and experiences, equipping them to grow personally and impact their world.

Vision: We believe real-world adventures make the most capable people. We believe all people can live with integrity, be resilient, and lead their families and communities. One Sky is dedicated to helping young adults reach their full potential by creating a program based on four principles: 1) outdoor and on-location experiences, 2) geographically diverse cohorts, 3) mentorship and 4) volunteer service. The "need to fill" and methods in our programming are derived from the personal and professional experiences of the executive committee and advisory board members.

The Benefit: The long-term benefit to a community from a single disadvantaged young adult who adjusts their trajectory–even by a few degrees–might be immeasurable. What is known is that people in their 20s who are gainfully employed, have a mentor and volunteer are more likely to be a source of stability for their extended circles of influence, contribute materially and creatively to their respective economies and cultures, and involve themselves in philanthropic endeavors down the road.

The Challenge: Most programs and resources are aimed at children 17 years and younger. Our aim is to equip young adults to find their career path, whether the next step is employment, college or university, vocational school or trade, military or law enforcement service, or entrepreneurship. From their baseline, we will measure participants as they matriculate through the steps of character, career, and community leadership. We will encourage mentorship relationships and volunteer service along the way.

The ideal participant in the One Sky program is between 18-25 years old, capable of high performance, and is from a rural, urban or tribal community. They would have a limited history of travel or contact with diverse places and peoples. The One Sky model is strengthened by the independence of young adults: they can provide consent, they are ready to explore careers, and can enter mentor-mentee relationships.

Participants from rural communities might derive from a homogenous community with limited educational or economic prospects. Urban participants may have experienced childhoods with limited contact nature, a narrow set of role models, and a reliance on the conveniences of a modern metropolis. Participants from native communities may feel the weight of cultural obligations related to the preservation of their native identity. They may have limited economic prospects on a reservation, which also may be geographically isolated or lacking in natural resources.

We are finding that many young adults are capable, but disconnected. This may lead to underperformance or a feeling of being "stuck." They don't know what they have to offer the world. They have the aptitude and attitude to become resilient and lead their families and communities, but what they lack is access. One Sky exists to offer these individuals that access.

Access to Relationships: The One Sky experience begins with an outdoor-based camp in which participants from different parts of the country form a cohort to navigate a series of adventures and challenges together. The camp program may include equine experiences, challenge courses, climbing, rafting, and plenty of socialization. Team leaders will facilitate group and individual conversations prompting participants to consider subjects such as mindfulness, identity, character, and teamwork. The camp will offer opportunities to create an expanded network of friends, sharpen concentration and new skills, and increase fortitude and confidence as participants learn to successfully operate in strange environments.

Access to Tools and Training: When the camp is complete, the One Sky program continues to part 2, where participants have the opportunity to receive career counseling once a month for twelve months. Career Facilitators will meet with participants in their home communities or by video conference. A series of activities and assignments will obligate participants to research and progressively fine-tune their skills to identify and achieve the next important step in their path to success. They will outline goals and career learnings, identify transferable skills, and rehearse interviews or scholarship essays.

Access to Experiences: In addition to the Camp One Sky outdoor experience, every third session of the Career Challenge Course will be a shadow day so participants get a taste of a variety of careers such as law enforcement, parks and wildlife, social service, and business. Participants may do a ride-a-long with federal officers, assist rangers to track game, build a home, or attend a marketing strategy session for a large corporation.

Access to Perspective: The facilitators will encourage the participants to connect with a mentor who is relatable to their experience or chosen field. One Sky will pre-identify established individuals of integrity who would like to serve in this capacity from all walks of life, geographic areas, and careers. With a good mentor, participants will have the opportunity to greatly and quickly expand their knowledge of ethics, finance, travel, decorum, and more. Participants will also learn the value of voluntary service as a vehicle to improve the community–local or global–in which the participant will plant roots. Service can also provide an opportunity for participants to shine in a project of passion before a network of fellow volunteers who may just be influencers in the participants' chosen careers.

One Sky will operate on a defined set of procedures and will utilize original curricula and programming developed by its members. The One Sky model will be scalable and transferrable to any region, any time of year. The fund will be the catalyst for the program's formation in 2022-2023, with the first cohort of participants expected at the inaugural Camp One Sky in the summer of 2023.


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