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Each year in El Paso, more than 3,500 people in our circle of family, friends or colleagues are diagnosed with some type of cancer.   While each cancer journey is as individual as the person themselve, most patients will experience side effects, emotional fears and financial struggles.  The Cancer Care Fund of the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation exists to help support, empower, educate and accompany those patients along the route, wherever it takes them.  Established in 1996, the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation is only local organization dedicated to serving all the colors of cancer.


Tangible personal property. Examples may be real estate, oil, gas, or mineral interests.

Planned Gifts

Bequests, appreciated securities, life insurance, retirement plans, and charitable remainder trusts, and more.


About this Organization

The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation is dedicated to reducing the human and economic effects of cancer on the citizens of El Paso County through the financial support and development of effective programs for advocacy, education, early detection, and other services to cancer patients and their families.

The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation is the foremost center for enhancing the quality of life for those affected by cancer.

Community Focus

The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation exists solely for the benefit of the citizens of El Paso County. We are a homegrown organization whose purpose is to aid and assist local cancer patients and other concerned community members in their search for information and support. Our funds remain in the El Paso area to serve El Pasoans.

As leaders in the cancer care community, the Foundation strives to build support and collaboration among the non-profit and cancer providers through convening and sharing of information.