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At The Jazz Exchange, our unwavering commitment revolves around the profound belief that music serves as a transformative force capable of weaving vibrant communities and fostering cultural enrichment. As ambassadors of harmony, our mission, encapsulated in the mantra "Building Communities through Music," propels us forward with purpose and passion. At the core of our endeavor is the dedication to imparting invaluable knowledge to successive generations through comprehensive music education programs. By nurturing a profound understanding of music, we empower individuals to not only embrace their creative potential but also to forge connections that transcend societal boundaries. Beyond the realm of education, The Jazz Exchange is a steadfast patron of the arts, providing a dynamic platform that champions emerging, established, and prospective artists within our local community. We meticulously curate performance opportunities that serve as catalysts for artistic growth, facilitating an environment where talent flourishes and innovation thrives. Our commitment extends beyond the confines of the stage. In recognizing the symbiotic relationship between art and community, we actively engage in initiatives that support and elevate local businesses. By synergizing the creative energies of the artistic and entrepreneurial realms, we contribute to the socioeconomic fabric of our community, creating a harmonious tapestry that resonates with prosperity and vitality. As we harmonize notes and aspirations, our collective efforts aspire to cultivate a deeper appreciation for music among both local and international audiences. Through our performances, educational initiatives, and community collaborations, we endeavor to transcend cultural boundaries and ignite a global symphony of shared experiences. In essence, The Jazz Exchange is not merely an organization—it is a harmonious movement, orchestrating a future where the transformative power of music resonates through every chord, fostering communities that thrive on creativity, connectivity, and cultural celebration. Join us in the pursuit of a world where the universal language of music becomes the catalyst for building bridges, inspiring minds, and creating lasting harmonies.


At The Jazz Exchange, our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive jazz community that transcends boundaries and inspires individuals through the power of music. We aim to emotionally move and educate audiences through our annual jazz events featuring professional musicians of the highest caliber. In addition to our commitment to artistic excellence, we actively support local artists and businesses, creating a symbiotic relationship that contributes to the cultural and economic vitality of our community. Our dedication extends beyond performances to embrace music education and community outreach, including school programs, workshop series, and special projects that cultivate the next generation of young jazz enthusiasts.



As a revered presence in our city, The Jazz Exchange builds on a rich history of celebrating jazz excellence. Our events, spanning throughout the year, have garnered acclaim, both nationally and internationally, for bringing outstanding jazz performances to the border region. The legacy of our commitment to education shines through initiatives that promote jazz music and cultural development in the fine arts. Furthermore, our support for local artists and businesses underscores our commitment to fostering a thriving and interconnected community.

The Jazz Exchange is not just a program; it's a celebration of the vibrant tapestry of jazz, weaving together musicians, audiences, local artists, and businesses in a harmonious and rhythmic exchange that resonates throughout our community.

Charitable purpose of the fund: 

The Jazz Exchange tackles the current crisis in arts education by bridging gaps and enhancing accessibility for families in need and schools in our most economically challenged communities. Beyond teaching musicianship and the American Art Form, which we all know as Jazz, The Jazz Exchange goes above and beyond, granting students a distinctive artistic advantage. Our proven programs and world-class education not only nurture musicians but also cultivate community leaders and global citizens. Jazz, in our view, serves as the ideal platform for students, professionals, and audiences to collaborate, listen, and support each other, fostering the creation of resilient communities.



Tangible personal property. Examples may be real estate, oil, gas, or mineral interests.

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Bequests, appreciated securities, life insurance, retirement plans, and charitable remainder trusts, and more.


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