January 20, 2022

PdNCF's Nonprofit Conference: Reimagine! returns for a second year

The Paso del Norte Community Foundation (PdNCF) is thrilled to announce the second annual Nonprofit Conference: Reimagine! Recognizing the need to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations in the region, the Nonprofit Conference: Reimagine! provides access to high-level thought leadership and skill-building. 

Designed for nonprofit executive leadership, staff, and board members, the conference features diverse programming including speakers, talks, workshops, and panels by sought-after nonprofit professionals, philanthropists, and corporate partners. Think, develop, and grow this year at the Nonprofit Conference: Reimagine!.  

 Derived from the PdNCF's annual El Paso Giving Day and Nonprofit Conference: Reimagine!, emerges Gator Tank— a social impact competition in a fast-pitch style to assist local nonprofit organizations to exercise their skills and gain resources needed to support their missions, happening concurrently with the conference.  

If you are a nonprofit organization interested in attending or are interested in sponsorship opportunities please contact Andrea Macias, Development Coordinator, at 915- 218-2644 or amacias@pdnfoundation.org