October 25, 2021

A Masterful Mural Comes to Downtown

The Green Hope Project, a designated fund under the Paso del Norte Community Foundation (PdNCF), is uplifting Downtown El Paso through a masterful mural!

In response to the civil unrest facing the nation, The Green Hope Project decided to partner with Black El Paso Voice to use art as a tool for change, advocacy, and healing. As such, the Racial Harmony art contest invited artists to embrace their mediums and raise their voices to depict what they felt “Racial Harmony” meant to them.

“We realize that there is long-lasting power in art and education. Staying true to our mission, we felt that this was an issue impacting our culture, region, and world. Everyone, regardless of color, gender, religion, etc. deserves to be treated with respect and compassion,” says Green Hope Project President, Candace Printz.

Of the 15 winners, artists Desiree Arzaga and her mentor Katie Gelinas, Diane Vera-Ureno, Ramiro Ordonez were selected to unite their artworks into one mural in Downtown El Paso.

“We believe that we can make a positive change by uniting in our efforts, identifying the problems, and not stopping until we come up with the solutions.”

To support the mural project, the Green Hope Project secured generous grant funding from the El Paso Downtown Management District (DMD). Work on the mural project is currently underway and is set to be completed withing the next six months

Candace adds, “We wanted to make sure that we are supporting/paying our artists for the work they do, since it is so important. Cultures that support the arts are healthier and happier.  Plus, if we have the ability to bring a positive message to our community, we will do it!”

The mural will adorn the façade of the building located at 601 S. El Paso Street.

To track the mural’s progression, visit the Green Hope Project’s blog at https://www.greenhopeproject.org/blog. To further support the Green Hope Project with additional project costs, to be listed on the donor wall, you can make a contribution by visiting the https://pdnfoundation.org/give-to-a-fund/green-hope-project-fund.