January 27, 2020

El Paso Giving Day, El Paso Giving Time generate nearly $3.7 million in donations

Nearly 90,000 hours volunteered for local organizations

Generous donors contributed $3,630,966 to support the needs of local non-profit organizations during the fourth annual El Paso Giving Day and the first-ever El Paso Giving Time. This record-breaking philanthropic event was fueled by donations as small as $10 and a matching commitment of up to $1.5 million from Walmart.

“Every year the amount of charitable giving grows on El Paso Giving Day; this time we were given the opportunity to make an even bigger impact for the non-profits,” said Tracy Yellen, Chief Executive Officer of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation. “Walmart’s commitment of $1 million in matching funds during El Paso Giving Day and up to $500,000 for El Paso Giving Time sparked a spirit of generosity and volunteerism which surpassed our expectations and allowed us to raise more money to support the needs of non-profits this year than in all previous years combined.”

During the weeklong early giving period, the El Paso community exceeded expectations by quickly meeting the Walmart match of $1 million. By midnight on El Paso Giving Day, November 14, total donations stood at $3,188,543 including the Walmart match.

El Paso Giving Day and El Paso Giving Time 2019
By the Numbers

El Paso Giving Day Donations $2,188,543
El Paso Giving Day (Walmart Match) $1,000,000
El Paso Giving Time (Walmart Match) + $442,423
GRAND TOTAL $3,630,966

But, this year, El Paso Giving Day was only the beginning. Between November 15 and December 31, Walmart made a donation in honor of each qualifying hour volunteered with participating organizations. The 86,346 hours of eligible volunteer time from EPGT resulted in a Walmart matching donation of  $442,423.

“Walmart’s extraordinary generosity ignited an unparalleled spirit of giving measured in both time and treasure, Yellen said. “We are so proud that our community came together to give financially at record-setting levels and also rolled up their sleeves to donate over 86,000 hours in volunteer time to support nonprofit organizations.”

If you manage charitable giving for your company or institution, you can help the Paso del Norte Community Foundation build on this unprecedented commitment to charitable giving in 2020. Call (915) 218-2642 for details.

About El Paso Giving Day

El Paso  Giving  Day  is  part  of  the  Paso  del  Norte  Foundation’s  Community  of  Philanthropy.  Since its  inception  in  2016,  members  of  our  community  have  contributed more than $4 million  to  more  than  195  non-profit  organizations  through our  community.  Our region’s only community-wide day  of  charitable giving  is  held  annually  in   November  and  accepts  donations  as  small  as  $10.  With the outside support  of local, state and national   groups,  including  Walmart, the  Meadows  Foundation,  Gannett  Foundation  and  Marathon  Foundation,  El Paso  Giving  Day  incentivizes  participating  non-profit  organizations  to   raise  even  more  money  through friendly  competitions  each  year.  For  more  information,  visit  El PasoGivingDay.org.