October 25, 2021

Founder of Downs in Motion receives Everyday Hero of IDD Award

The Paso del Norte Community Foundation congratulates Edith Lujan, Founder of Downs in Motion, on being a recipient of the Arc of El Paso’s Everyday Heroes of IDD Awards!

The individuals who were selected for the Everyday Heroes of IDD award were chosen based on their commitment to improving and enriching the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). So, it came as no surprise that Edith Lujan was one of the awardees!

Edith Lujan and her husband Gabriel began Downs in Motion, an agency fund of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation in August of 2018. Their son, Angel, was the inspiration and motivation behind this wonderful community initiative.

“We know firsthand what it’s like to have a child with IDD. Our son, Angel, has Down Syndrome,” said Edith, “People living with IDD often lack friendships and don’t have many opportunities to socialize. We have dedicated ourselves to helping other families by creating physical and educational activities for young adults with IDD where they can build meaningful and lasting relationships.”

Downs in Motion is comprised of several families who are working together to provide programming and social activities, such as basketball and karate classes, to support young people who have downs syndrome or other intellectual disabilities. The goal is to connect families through a program where they can support each other and be a part of a community who share a common ground.

Edith says it is important that these families know they do not have to do life alone. “We want families to feel encouraged and for the individuals participating in our programs to know they matter and can make a difference.”

When Edith found out she was being recognized by the Arc of El Paso as one of their Everyday Heroes of IDD, she was surprised by the kind gesture.

“You know, when you are doing the right thing and genuinely want to help people you don’t really think about receiving an award. I’m just a mom doing something out of love for my son and family, and to enhance the lives of people with IDD,” said Edith.

Edith says leading Downs in Motion can be hard work, but with the help of her family, volunteers, and their passion to serve those with IDD it is all worth it. She knows that through Downs In Motion they are making a difference. “I give God all the glory and honor for what my husband and I have been able to do with Downs In Motion the past three years.”

The Paso del Norte Community Foundation (PdNCF) team is so proud of Edith and thanks her for her selfless dedication to those who have IDD and our community of philanthropy. PdNCF is honored to house Downs in Motion and congratulate Edith on being a recipient of such a meaningful and well-deserved award!

To learn more about Downs in Motion and how you can support their cause please visit: Downs In Motion Fund | Paso Del Norte Community Foundation (pdnfoundation.org)