August 29, 2023

Gator Tank Mentor Session Three

PdNCF recently hosted our third Gator Tank Mentor Session! Marina Monsisvais, CEO of Barracuda Public Relations. Mike Matthews, President and CCO of CultureSpan Marketing, and Steffen Poessigner, Independent Contractor,  provided the six Gator Tank participants with insight on how to enhance their visual storytelling skills and elevate their presentations to new heights! 

The session focused on creating a pitch deck and the mentors discussed design, messaging, and flow of presentations. They also spent time with the nonprofit organizations one-on-one to provide feedback on the organizations’ first drafts. 

"We are so thankful to our mentors for sharing their expertise and providing practical tools and skills for our participants as we are now more than half-way through the program," Andrea Macias, PdNCF Development Coordinator, said. 

The final mentor session, Mentor Session 4: The Art of Pitching, will provide leaders of the six participating organizations with knowledge on how they can refine their pitch, sharpen their delivery, and learn how to adapt their message to different audiences and contexts.