August 29, 2018
Giving Day Training Brief

Direct email marketing is a powerful tool with businesses, governments and media outlets are harnessing to take their messages directly to their audience. It’s also a powerful tool local nonprofit organizations can use to efficiently reach donors.  

Tim Escobedo from Snappy Publishing in El Paso will host an informative training session for participating non-profits explaining how to craft a winning email campaign specifically for El Paso Giving Day. 

Because of the overwhelming response to our first training, we will hold the next two trainings — including Tim’s — at Project Amistad’s offices in North-Central El Paso.

What: How to Craft a Winning Email Campaign
When: 9 a.m. Aug. 29, 2018
Where: Project Amistad, 3210 Dyer Street, Conference Room
Just like the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, El Paso Giving Day is a part of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation's Community of Philanthropy. On November 15, 2018, dozens of local non-profits will join together seeking to raise $300,000 for worthy causes in our community. To learn more, visit


Since El Paso Giving Day’s inception in 2016, members of our community have contributed approximately $300,000 to more than 165 nonprofit organizations through our community. Our region’s only community-wide day of charitable giving is held annually on November 15 and accepts donations as small as $10. El Paso Giving Day incentivizes participating non-profit organizations to raise even more money through friendly competitions each year.

ABOUT THE Paso del Norte Community Foundation

The Paso del Norte Community Foundation exists to support the philanthropic goals of individuals, corporations, foundations and nonprofit organizations in our bi-national, tri-state region. The Foundation manages approximately $247 million in assets, has made $169 million in grants and is home to more than 80 donor-advised funds, designated funds, supporting organizations and initiatives. The Foundation’s Community of Philanthropy includes the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, Fundación Paso del Norte Para la Salud y Bienestar, El Paso Giving Day and dozens of other philanthropic efforts — large and small — undertaken by and in support of the people of our region. For more information, visit