April 14, 2020

New Board Member - Caroline North

We are pleased to welcome Caroline North to the Paso del Norte Community Foundation Board and Communications Committee for 2020. Caroline is a third generation El Paso native.  After receiving a Bachelor of Art from The University of Colorado, she returned home and married her husband Chad.  

Caroline is deeply committed to her community and has worked with various organizations that she feels enhance life in El Paso.  She served several years on the XII Travelers Memorial of the Southwest, two consecutive terms on The St. Clements Parish School board of directors, and she currently serves on the El Paso Museum of Art Foundation Board.  In addition, Caroline co-chaired a community built playground in El Paso’s upper valley that still boasts record attendance. She also co-chaired a similar effort to build a community playground at St. Clements Parish School. Caroline has focused her philanthropic time on organizations that benefit the quality of life in El Paso. Currently, Caroline is the managing partner for a family business that specializes in commercial and residential development.  She is the mother of two children, Garrett and Madeline, and she focuses most of her energy on raising them.