March 20, 2024

Partners in Philanthropy Spotlight- The Fox Family Foundation

The Paso del Norte Community Foundation is proud to announce the Fox Family Foundation as one of our Partners in Philanthropy.

One of the PdNCF’s four priority areas, Nonprofit Investment includes supporting the growth of nonprofit/designated funds, including endowment funds for nonprofit sustainability, as well as providing training for nonprofit organizations for capacity building and growth.  The nonprofit sector is an economic driver of our community and as nonprofits focus on delivering their missions across myriad charitable purposes, they don’t often have additional resources to support professional development programs or paid internships. 

We are truly grateful to our Partners in Philanthropy, like the Fox Family Foundation, who have made a financial contribution in support of our Nonprofit Investment priority area and who are helping our local nonprofits continue to be economic engines in our community through professional development, partnership, and collaboration.

The Fox Family Foundation has been deeply rooted in the El Paso Community for years and has been dedicated to making an impact in our binational region through charitable giving in ways that truly make a difference.

“We work with all types of nonprofits and do not focus on only one type of organization, to us, everyone matters,” says Paige Fox.

The Fox Family Foundation is grateful to the community that has supported their family and recognizes the invaluable role that nonprofits play in serving our most vulnerable community members. They believe that if we all work together great things can be accomplished through the power of collaboration.

“We have partnered with the Paso del Norte Community Foundation because they are a group of people who are our partners. We feel they have a vested interest in everything the Fox Family Foundation believes in”, says Paige, “People make the difference and the people at PdNCF make really special things happen.”

As a Partner in Philanthropy, the Foxes anticipate the opportunity to make a difference and note that even the smallest gesture can make a grand impact. The Fox Family Foundation is committed to being a steadfast supporter of our growing community of philanthropy for years to come.

Thank you, Fox Family, for your partnership and for supporting our growing community of philanthropy!