May 24, 2021

Paso del Norte Community Foundation Welcomes the Kiwanis Youth Achievement Fund into our Family of Giving!

Since their founding in 1917, Kiwanis Clubs of El Paso have dedicated their efforts to improving the lives of children in the Paso del Norte region who are living in difficult socio-economic conditions with limited resources.

The Clubs created their Youth Achievement Fund in the Paso del Norte Community Foundation with a goal of working alongside the Sun City RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) to support the Colonia communities surrounding the City of El Paso. The Colonia communities are settlements on the U.S.-Mexico border with low educational attainment lacking critical infrastructure with very few traditional services and resources, such as paved roads and running water. According to the Texas Secretary of State, almost one fourth of Texas Colonia residents live in El Paso County.

“These are the kids the Kiwanis wanted to uplift,” said Kristi Borden, Kiwanis Volunteer, “Many non-profits have received support from the Clubs over the years, but the mission of Sun City RBI resonated deeply with the Kiwanis’ mission. The kids Sun City RBI is targeting are exactly the youth we want to impact, thus leading to creation of this fund.”

The Kiwanis Youth Achievement Fund and Sun City RBI will offer students the chance to play baseball while also providing structure and incorporating goals and responsibilities. The fund aims to also teach financial literacy along with guidance for educational pursuits beyond high school.

Borden says the goal of the fund is to serve a minimum of 100 children in two Colonia communities by Fall of this year. She hopes with the support of the community that they can double those numbers in the upcoming years.

“We began this initiative with a modest donation to Paso del Norte Community Foundation,” says Borden, “We hope that with the amazing resources available through the Foundation, and with the generosity of the people of El Paso, we will be able to change the trajectory of hundreds of El Paso children, truly changing their lives for the better.”

To support the Kiwanis Youth Achievement Fund and their mission visit Kiwanis Youth Achievement Fund | Paso Del Norte Community Foundation (