April 20, 2021

Paving the Way for ALL to Play with Moms on Board

Established as a designated fund within the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, Moms on Board promotes family-friendly activities and accommodations for everybody and is very excited to announce its newest fundraising campaign, Paving the Way to Play!

The campaign supports the final phase of Moms on Board’s three-year initiative of raising a million dollars to create an all-abilities playground at Ascarate Park. In partnership with the County of El Paso, the playground is designed to promote healthy development for everybody’s physical, social, cognitive, and sensory abilities. The playground breaks barriers of exclusion by providing a great and safe experience for all.

To support their mission, Moms on Board launched a brick campaign that will run until the end of May. The campaign enthusiastically encourages the community to come together to create a beautiful and collective brick path at Ascarate Park. The path will be an added feature to the park, showcasing 4x8 foot commemorative engraved bricks, with colorful detail, heartfelt messages, or dedicated names.

Prices vary from $250 to $525 depending on art design and amount of text. Individuals and families can order bricks before May 31st by contacting the Moms on Board: Adrianne Moody, Sandi Brackeen, or Leyla Zeidan Safa at [email protected]