July 22, 2020

PDN Community Foundation to work in collaboration with Under One Roof for rental assistance

The Under One Roof Collaborative is honored to have been selected by the City of El Paso through a competitive proposal to facilitate millions in rental assistance to those directly adversely impacted by COVID-19.  Funds will be disbursed through landlords on behalf of tenants for past due rent. 

The Under One Roof Collaborative is comprised of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, Under One Roof (the charitable arm of the El Paso Apartment Association), BakerRipley, Harvey Home Connect, and Barracuda PR.

"The Paso del Norte Community Foundation/Under One Roof Collaborative is honored to partner with the City of El Paso to serve thousands of El Pasoans who are facing the prospect of losing their homes due to the health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19," said Tracy J. Yellen, CEO, Paso del Norte Community Foundation

The rental assistance program launched on Wednesday, July 22nd with the opening of landlord participation. The next phase of the program continues through August 2nd with the joint-landlord application.  Rental assistance funding awards will not be done on a first-come, first-served basis; rather, funds will be prioritized and disbursed based on greatest need.  Immigration status will not be asked, nor will be it be a factor in determining funding awards. 

To learn more about the rental assistance program, please visit www.eprenthelp.org