June 21, 2021

Show your kindness with the Paso del Norte Community Foundation! #ElPasoKind

On August 3rd, 2019, the unthinkable happened to our community and we were all forever changed.  23 innocent lives were taken and hundreds more suffered physical and psychological trauma. Although our city was challenged in ways we never imagined our community stepped up and showed incredible acts of kindness that demonstrated our resiliency and love we have for each other. This kindness and generosity resulted in over $5 million contributed to the Paso del Norte Community Foundation to support the El Paso Victims Relief Fund and One Fund El Paso which distributed $11.8 million to victims and their families. 

 As our region approaches the second anniversary of the August 3rd shooting, the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, as part of the County of El Paso’s “Month of Unity and Healing”,  invites the community to uplift each other through acts of kindness. Whether volunteering time, opening a door, or donating to your favorite charity, the PDN Community Foundation will highlight your acts of kindness and the spirit and compassion of the people who make up our great city. Simply share your acts of kindness by posting a picture of yourself or organization with a description to social media with the hashtag #ElPasoKind and join in on the Month of Unity and Healing events that will take place across the region from July 3-August 3, 2021.

We will share stories and photos throughout the summer to highlight these special acts of kindness and motivate others!