November 17, 2021

Start your charitable giving with a Donor Advised Fund

Are you an individual or family interested in donating to the El Paso region? Are you looking for the most effective way to maximize your charitable giving with the guidance of an experienced and credible foundation?  The Paso del Norte Community Foundation has a variety of funds to suite your charitable giving needs.

Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) are popular charitable giving funds that allow you to make tax-deductible contributions (cash and non-cash gifts like appreciated stock) and then recommend grants to the charitable organizations of your choice over time.

With higher standard deductions for taxes starting in 2018, some donors are choosing to establish DAFS and bundle donations, giving two or more years’ worth of giving in a single year, claiming the charitable deduction in that year, and then recommending grants to their favorite charities over time.  

It's easy to get started! You can establish a Donor-Advised Fund at the Paso del Norte Community Foundation with a gift or pledge of $5,000 or more over a five-year period. We provide annual accounting for you, which reduces work and streamlines costs on your end. The end result is a fund you know is properly managed and one that you're proud of. To learn more, visit or call 915-218-2641.