September 24, 2021

STTE Foundation announces the winners of The Augmented Reality Science Fair

The Success Through Technology Education Foundation, a fund of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, is excited to announce the winners of The Augmented Reality Science Fair.

The Success Through Technology Education Foundation (STTEF) strives to discover, develop, and deploy entrepreneurship and technology education content for students to support thriving entrepreneurial culture in the Borderplex region. Launched in 2020, The AR Science Fair was the first-of-its-kind model that complemented the traditional science fair by introducing augmented reality to student research innovations in middle and high school.

“To put it simply we revamped science fairs to provide students with digital platforms and experiences to build skills while showcasing innovative solutions to solve real-world problems,” says Executive Director Joseph Sapien.

This year, and with support of its sponsors—Microsoft and El Paso Electric—the STTE Foundation engaged nine groups of middle school and high school students from the Paso del Norte region to participate. Students were tasked with submitting projects electronically and display their presentations via an augmented reality app. The design was architected to prospectively align and expand with the Texas Science Fair and extend with the International Science Fair.

“The AR Science Fair introduces students to new technologies, supports STEM learning, and showcases innovative ed-tech solutions to global challenges,” adds Joseph.

Upon the completion and presentation of each groups project, the STTE Foundation also designed and distributed an interactive science fair yearbook that showcases the student innovations! You can experience the AR Science Fair 2021 Yearbook by downloading the app or viewing it here:

ARSF Kid Winners

  • Ibrahim Al-Akash
  • Andrew Grine
  • Duke Grine
  • Cesar Meza
  • Siddharth Tripathi

Honorable Mentions

  • Gabriella Chavez
  • Ridley Dean
  • Stephanie Gonzalez
  • Sophia Montenegro
  • Alexa Ramirez

The STTE Foundation looks forward to expanding and is excited to host another ARSF that will be open for worldwide submission. Students can pre-register for the Global ARSF 2022 now! For more information, to get involved, or to support STTE Foundation, please visit or