May 24, 2021

The Network; Providing support to our LGBTQ + Youth

The Network, an agency fund of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, is a working resource center striving to provide educational programs with a focus on LGBTQ+ youth, in the Paso del Norte region. The Network works to combat bullying and suicide with local and national entities, while assisting in connecting LGBTQ+ youth to credible and reliable resources.

To support this mission, The Network held an Anti-Bullying Summit for high school teens that provided a safe space to combat bullying and discuss suicide. The summit offered youth a day of empowerment, pride, and support to enrich them with a sense of community, hope, and education towards the region’s nonprofit services.

The Network plans to collaborate with various high school Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) groups to build and support school food pantries. These food pantries will allow poverty-stricken students who face food insecurity the opportunity to take meals home to their family or at minimum, feed themselves for the day. This initiative will not only provide food but also an educational opportunity for students to work and manage the pantry. Students will be given opportunities to volunteer, allowing them to learn the importance of community engagement and fight the stigma against food insecurity within our region.

To support The Network’s programming and mission, please visit Our youth needs your support!