March 25, 2024

WestStar: Empowering our Community Through Philanthropy

The Paso del Norte Community Foundation is proud to announce WestStar as one of our Partners in Philanthropy.

One of the PdNCF’s four priority areas, Nonprofit Investment includes supporting the growth of nonprofit/designated funds, including endowment funds for nonprofit sustainability, as well as providing training for nonprofit organizations for capacity building and growth.  The nonprofit sector is an economic driver of our community and as nonprofits focus on delivering their missions across myriad charitable purposes, they don’t often have additional resources to support professional development programs or paid internships. 

We are truly grateful to our Partners in Philanthropy, like the WestStar, who have made a financial contribution in support of our Nonprofit Investment priority area and who are helping our local nonprofits continue to be economic engines in our community through professional development, partnership, and collaboration.

WestStar is deeply committed to fostering growth, prosperity, and success within our region. With a focus on education, health, and meeting basic needs, their philanthropic goals are to create long-term partnerships that will help meet these needs.

“A strong El Paso is vital for all its citizens,” says Cindy Conroy, Director of Community Outreach, “When we invest in nonprofits, we understand that there are some people within our community who need assistance and that our nonprofit community is best suited to provide it. While we hope for long-term solutions to some of the challenges individuals and families face, immediate care needs to be available.”

WestStar prides itself in partnering with the best-in-class organizations that take their missions seriously and follow best practices, which is why they chose to work with the Paso del Norte Community Foundation to help meet the needs within our community.

“The Paso del Norte Community Foundation is a strong community organization committed to the growth, health, and prosperity of the region,” says Cindy, “PdNCF’s dedication to growing philanthropy to support the region’s nonprofit sector, not only financially but also in training and educating those in organizational structure, management, and governance, is admirable. When a donor gives their money to an organization, there is trust that the dollar is used most effectively.”

WestStar encourages others to invest in the community they love whether it is by shopping, banking, or contributing locally. They believe that supporting local businesses and organizations is vital for the continued growth and prosperity of our region and believe in the power of collective action and community support.

“Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need and build a brighter future for generations to come”, says Cindy.

Thank you, WestStar, for your partnership and for supporting our growing community of philanthropy!