October 14, 2019

Winning beyond the finish line - Coach Archie Duran Memorial Scholarship Fund

Archie loved coaching sports, especially track. His unique ability to reach young people encouraged them to perform at their best and run at their fastest. Little did he know it would later inspire them to run farther than ever believed they could – all the way to a college degree.

Coach Archie was a lot like the kids he mentored. A fiery competitor shaped from a working-class family living in neighborhoods where dreams sometimes seemed impossible. Sports led him to a scholarship, unlocking the door to higher education and a college degree. He wanted this life-changing experience for his students, too.

While returning home from an out-of-town regional UIL track meet in April 2017, a pick-up truck slammed into the charter bus Archie was traveling in. Thirty-four athletes were injured. They survived – Archie didn’t.

In the aftermath that followed, students, friends and family wrestled with the loss of the man who filled their lives as husband, father, brother, son and mentor.

Family members found solace in Archie’s memory and his unwavering belief in his young athletes. Nothing improves a child’s life and moves our community forward like higher education. It’s what Archie believed, and something he would’ve wanted. With the help of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, his family established the Coach Archie Duran Memorial Scholarship Fund. The scholarships are a continuation of his legacy of giving back to the community and the students he loved to coach.

To donate to this fund, click here or contact 915-218-2641.