March 4, 2024

Your endowment fund: A primer for your board of directors

If your organization has established an endowment or agency fund with the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, your staff and board of directors are already experiencing the benefits of our relationship. We are here to help you grow critical financial resources to support your important mission well into the future. 

Many nonprofit organizations who work with our team appreciate the opportunity to periodically review with their directors the benefits of working with the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, whether at a board meeting or in a board communication. Here are points you can include in your next endowment update to your directors:

–The organization has established a fund at the PdNCF because of the PdNCF’s services to help charities efficiently and effectively set aside and grow endowment reserves and rainy day funds.

–The team at the PdNCF is adept at navigating the specific accounting standards that are unique to this type of arrangement. The PdNCF’s depth and breadth of experience allows the organization’s staff and board of directors to focus on deepening relationships with donors and carrying out its mission in the community. 

–The PdNCF team helps nonprofit organizations establish and regularly update investment policies and gift acceptance policies, making it easier for the staff and board to engage in fundraising discussions. The PdNCF team is happy to attend a board meeting to review planned giving and endowment-building strategies. 

–The PdNCF team can help the organization accept and process donors’ gifts of highly-appreciated stock, real estate, closely-held stock, and other complex assets, giving fundraising a big boost.