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What Remains was established for the exclusive purpose of supporting binational art projects in the Paso del Norte region including, but not limited to, art projects in the United States and Mexico conceived executed or managed by the organization.


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What Remains is a project that draws together artistic production and ethnographic and academic research to reframe the migrant experience as a global and timeless human experience, one that occurs before, during and after the passage itself. Comprised of photography, illustration, multimedia installation, published books, academic research and education, our project is a tribute to those that have taken this journey but have been silenced, or whose voices were never heard.


Dr. Adriana Alvarez | Research 

Iris Morales | Designer

Mabel Weber | Visual Artist 

Monica Lozano | Photographer



What Remains is a non-profit organization that focuses on art, research and education. We focus on raising awareness about the issues surrounding immigration. Our non-profit organization aims to expand our immersive traveling exhibition to various borders worldwide. The purpose is to actively engage with different communities, fostering connectivity and promoting awareness among a broader audience.

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