November 21, 2022

Calling All Film Lovers!

Join the Permanencia Voluntaria Film Fund, a fund of PdNCF, and some of the most prestigious film institutions in the world, such as The Academy Film Archive and The National Film Preservation, to save and restore our local film patrimony. Permanencia Voluntaria has rescued hundreds of films and is seeking to challenge attitudes of neglect and classism towards their legacy while bringing awareness to the impact of cross-border collaborations.

Their most recent project is the restoration and preservation of the first sound Mexican film, Santa, released in 1932. Thanks to this historical film, Spanish speakers around the US found a safe space with a community that understood their struggles and nostalgia at the movie theaters. Permanencia Voluntaria is seeking support from film lovers who wish to join the quest to rescue and reappraise Mexico’s cine popular at the time we unearth El Paso's unknown but incredible cinematographic past.