August 29, 2023

Congratulations to Fox Family for Their Support Towards Better Cancer Treatment in the Region

Congratulations to the Fox Family for their $25 million investment to support a future comprehensive cancer center at Tech University Health Sciences Center. This gift honors the Fox family’s advocacy for cancer care in our region. The center will be named the Steve and Nancy Fox Cancer Center. 

President and Executive Director of the Fox Auto Team, Steve Fox is a cancer survivor who battled stage 4 tongue and neck cancer over 22 years ago. 

""When you have the diagnosis of cancer, what you want is the best possible outcome, which is to be cured,” Steve Fox said. “You know in your mind, in your heart, that often times the best treatment option is not in El Paso. You end up having to travel, which is very difficult. Sometimes your work doesn't allow you to go. You have a wife at home with small children. It compounds the stress of fighting cancer. What you want to know is that you're receiving world-class care. We're working on that with the new cancer center in El Paso and I'm optimistic that we'll deliver, for the vast majority of cancer patients, world-class care. I truly believe that.” 

The gift will will support clinical trials, research and recruitment of world-class physicians, nurses and researchers to the center. 

To join the Fox Family Foundation in their support of special needs children in Anapra, please consider a gift to their fund to benefit Proyecto Santo Nino 

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