May 19, 2020

JP Morgan Chase donates $10,000 to EP COVID-19 Response Fund

The Paso del Norte Community Foundation (PdNCF) is pleased to announce its latest community partner in the fight against the coronavirus. JP Morgan Chase has donated $10,000 to the PdNCF's El Paso COVID-19 Response Fund in an effort to help the communities impacted by the pandemic.

Funds contributed to the El Paso COVID-19 Response Fund are used to support some of El Paso's most vulnerable populations, including the homeless, the elderly and the food-insecure.  Recently funded programs in response to COVID-19 have also included those that address mental health and domestic violence. 

“During time of crises, it’s important for us all to come together to help those in need,” said Ruben Hernandez, Market Executive for JPMorgan Chase. “Chase is committed to providing resources and support to our community through good times and bad.”

“We appreciate the generous contribution from JP Morgan Chase and their leadership and are thankful for all that they do in support of the El Paso community,” said Mica Short, Vice President, Paso del Norte Community Foundation.

For more information or how you can help, click here.