April 14, 2020

Texas Gas Service, AT&T and GECU join Wells Fargo, El Paso Electric, AT&T, WestStar in support of EP COVID-19 Response Fund

The Paso del Norte Community Foundation (PdNCF) is pleased to announce its latest community partners in the fight against the coronavirus, Texas Gas Service, AT&T and GECU. Texas Gas Service, through the ONE Gas Foundation, has donated $10,000 to the PdNCF's El Paso COVID-19 Response Fund. AT&T has donated $10,000 and GECU has donated $20,000 to help the most vulnerable communities impacted by the pandemic.

"We know the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic are dramatically affecting people’s lives in ways we’ve never seen before,” said Robert Babcock, executive director of the ONE Gas Foundation. “We’re grateful for the invaluable service so many community partners are providing vulnerable populations, and we’re pleased the ONE Gas Foundation is able to help.”

The El Paso COVID-19 Response Fund will support the community response and the surrounding areas by supplying nonprofit organizations specializing in homelessness with cleaning supplies.

“Americans, as always, are coming together to support each other during this very stressful time in our nation’s history,” said Leslie Ward, president, AT&T-Texas.  “We are honored to do our part, especially for the most vulnerable among us, including those who are facing this crisis without the comfort and safety of their home. We remain fully committed to the El Paso community and proud to be part of this effort.”

One Gas Foundation, AT&T and GECU have joined Wells Fargo Bank, El Paso Electric and WestStar Bank, among other generous individual and corporate donors in support of COVID-19 Response efforts.

“The collaboration between Paso del Norte Community Foundation, United Way, and non-profits responding to the COVID19 Pandemic is important.  We have common goals to help our strong community get through these difficult times.  The COVID19 Response Fund is an especially important fund set up to help our most vulnerable in the community and we are honored to contribute to this remarkable initiative,” said Crystal Long, Chairman of the GECU Foundation. 

"We are so grateful to Texas Gas Service, AT&T and GECU for their impactful contributions to the COVID-19 Response Fund, and all of our incredibly generous corporate and individual donors. We know this is a difficult time for everyone and these leadership gifts make a real difference in the lives of so many in our community," says Tracy J. Yellen, Paso del Norte Community Foundation CEO.

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