What is a donor-advised fund?

The Foundation's Donor-Advised Funds are popular Charitable Giving Funds that allow you to make tax-deductible contributions and then recommend grants to the charitable organizations of your choice over time.

It's easy to get started. You can establish a Donor-Advised Fund with a gift or pledge of $5,000 or more over a five-year period using a simple Gift Instrument that sets the terms of the fund. We provide annual accounting for you, which reduces work and streamlines costs on your end. The end result is a fund you know is properly managed and one that you're proud of. 

Success Stories

See how the Paso del Norte Community Foundation has worked with others to create unique funds that transform the community in tangible and meaningful ways.   

Hoy Family Fund

After her husband's passing, Annette Hoy established the Hoy Family Fund to bring recognition to the love Steve had for his family and the community. From education and financial support to just making time for others, Steve’s life was punctuated by generous acts of kindness. With the establishment of the Hoy Family Fund, there will be no end to the good he spreads into the world.  The Hoy Family Fund is more than a lasting memorial that honors a life of thoughtful and charitable giving. With the help of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, it will continue Steve’s legacy for generations by supporting causes that are rare and close to the family’s heart.

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Ginger G. & L. Frederick Francis Foundation

Rick and Ginger Francis established the Francis Foundation with Paso del Norte Community Foundation as an efficient and effective way to support multiple nonprofit organizations in El Paso on an annual basis. They liked the ease of administration but also impact in the community — improving the lives of others.  Their kindness and generosity is legacy giving at its finest.

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Joy & Anthony Martinez Fund

Anthony and Joy Martinez established the Martinez Fund because of their desire to give back to the community. They wanted to serve as an example that you don't have to be extremely wealthy to start a fund and give back.  They own and operate a local food franchise, and have two young daughters. They epitomize what’s great about the community that the Paso del Norte Community Foundation serves.

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Benefits of a Charitable Giving Fund

Immediate Tax Deduction

You receive an immediate tax deduction for each contribution.

Flexibility in Accepting Gifts

Your fund can accept cash, non-cash, planned gifts, real estate and more.

Your Funds are Invested for Growth

PDNCF invests responsibly to ensure positive returns.

Donate Now, Decide Later

Make your donation, get your tax deduction, and decide what to support when you're ready.

Consolidate Your Giving

Easily keep track of your various non-profit donations through one account.

Accounting & Reporting

Annual accounting and reports keep you up-to-date with your fund's value.

What Gifts Can My Fund Receive?


We setup a fund page on our website where your friends and family can donate through cash, checks, or credit cards.


Tangible personal property. Examples may be real estate, oil, gas, or mineral interests.

Planned Gifts

Bequests, appreciated securities, life insurance, retirement plans, and charitable remainder trusts, and more.

What can I support with my Charitable Giving fund?

You're free to support the charity(ies) of your choice, or designate your fund for a specific cause you're passionate about. 

Nonprofit organizations - Support any registered 501c3 public charity in good standing in the U.S. or Mexico.

Existing Foundation Initiatives or Funds - Support one or more of the existing impactful charitable funds in the Paso del Norte Community Foundation. 

Initiatives of the Fundacion Paso del Norte - Support health and well-being in Ciudad Juárez with a gift to our partner Foundation in Ciudad Juárez.

Initiatives of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation - Support the Health Foundation’s mission or any of its initiatives to promote health and prevent disease in the region. 

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What are the fees?

Initial Donation
A Gift or Pledge of $5,000 Over 5 Years
Ongoing Support Fees
Up to $1 million
The Next $1 - $5 million

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Why Paso del Norte Community Foundation?

Our individualized service allows us to work with you and/or your professional advisors to discuss gifts large and small, design simple or complex giving instruments and facilitate family engagement in charitable giving. We work one-on-one with you every step of the way to create a giving plan you believe in.

High Transparency & Accountability

Detailed reports ensure you always know your fund value and allow you to feel secure that your giving is making the impact you wanted.

We work with your advisor

Feel confident by having your financial advisor present during meetings and involved at any time you wish.

Experience with Nonprofits

Our network of nonprofit partners puts us directly in-tune with our community's needs so that we can advise you on where your donation can have the greatest impact.

Ready to get Started?

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Mica Short has experience in the local nonprofit and philanthropic space. She can be a resource to you as you consider making a lasting impact through a charitable giving fund.

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