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Co-founded by Adrienne Riley-Moody and Zeidan Safa, this fund promotes family-friendly activities and accommodations at establishments and facilities.

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About this Fund

MOB is non-profit that works with city leadership to provide more family-friendly accommodations in El Paso. It also serves as a networking tool for families. It's for fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, grandparents! The whole family! We have some short- term and long-term goals that the city has already responded well too.

Some of the short-term solutions will be:

• more shade area at parks
• more water fountains
• easily accessible public restrooms at parks
• changing tables at restaurants - including changing tables in the men’s restroom
• play areas at restaurants so parents can enjoy their dinner
• family friendly parking at grocery stores

Long terms goals include:

• family friendly train ride at some parks
• provide guidance and input for the new children’s museum 
• provide the city with a mom’s perspective on future projects and developments